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ASI Global is one of the biggest Global Companies having diversified into various industrial sectors right from IT Solutions to Filmmaking & Film Financing to Mines & Minerals to Agri Solutions & Farms to dealing in Hospital Furniture for the comfort of the patients.We do provide IT services to the all corporate industries. We deliver the best in quality.


ASI Global is young and has capabilities to play a great role in contributing to and strengthening the nation's economy. It has a long way to go in extending its diversification to larger industrial segments to serve the nation making it economically stronger.


A great feature for our country to give million of Indian’s power to shape their destiny. ASI is known for its unwavering commitment to ethical values and Principals. At ASI Group we remain steadfast in our resolve to uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency and governance. We strictly comply with all governance codes, other applicable laws and regulations and not least, our self-avowed corporate values and objectives.