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Gypsum Powder & Rock

The Usage of gypsum can be dated back to the time of the pharaohs building the great Pyramids of Egypt. Needless to say, these pyramids have stood the test of time. Gypsum has undergone a revival in the last decade with more & more authorities in building & Construction industries opting for it. It provides certain alternative advantages over the tranditional methods of plastering & masonary.

Well-equipped with the state of art machinery & Multi-level quailty control,We ensure that the quailty of our resultant gypsum meets the highest industry benchmarks. Our gyspum is pearl white in color & processed in compliance with international standards & guidelines.Asi Gyplast is made avaliable in the highest possible purity of 92.4%. Our gypsum is cent Percent of natural Mineral origin as opposed to the chemically produced material in the labs.